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Finding the right tyre for your vehicle or hitch is more complicated than just finding a match for your make and model. To get the most out of your new rubber, you should also consider the typical driving conditions it’ll be going through; road surface, weather, even your own habits as a driver. For caravans and trailers, it’s also important to consider how much weight your tyres will be carrying.

At Integrated OE we stock a comprehensive range of tyres for all makes and models of car, truck, 4×4, trailer, caravan and more, and can help you pick the perfect tyre to suit your specific needs. We’ll also handle the fitting, balancing and alignment of your new wheels, to minimise vibrations through the vehicle and ensure the greatest possible benefit to your vehicle’s handling and control on the road.

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Wheel Rims & Mags

For those concerned with giving their vehicle the completely unique look they’re after, we can provide a range of wheel rims and mags for all makes and models of caravans, with a variety of designs and colours to suit all tastes.

For a look at our range of rims and mags, take a look at our catalogue. If you’d like to enquire about a specific product, talk to one of our friendly staff today!

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Here at Integrated OE we stock a wide range of tyre and wheel accessories for you to get the exact appearance you want for your caravan. We stock a large range of different looks you can achieve, with hubcaps, nut covers, and valve covers so you can get your look just right.

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